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[GRA/BHS][Enterprise Cloud Databases] - Planned Service End-of-Life
Scheduled for Jan 17, 06:00 UTC  -  Jun 13, 06:00 UTC
As part of the product lifecycle management,
We will end the Sales of Enterprise Cloud Databases services January 16th 2022 (no more new services).
We will end the Growth of existing Enterprise Cloud Databases services May 16th 2022 (no more new nodes)
We will end the Support of all Enterprise Cloud Databases services June 16th 2022 (shutdown of the services).

Impacted customers will be notified by email and via control panel about this End-Of-Life process.

We will cut-off the services the week before End of Support during punctual 2 hours time slot, to warn impacted customers.

All PostgreSQL Enterprise Cloud Databases clusters, worldwide.
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NOT in the Perimeter:
Public Cloud Databases
Web Hosting Cloud Databases

Workaround: customer will be contacted to migrate to new Public Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL.
Migration tutorials and Professional Services will be provided on

17/01/2022 10h CEST : End of Sales
16/05/2022 10h CEST : End of Growth
10/06/2022 10h-14h CEST : planned downtime
13/06/2022 10h CEST : End of Support, Shutdown of all impacted services 10h CEST

We will update this task during the proposed timeline.
Posted Dec 20, 2021 - 05:21 UTC